Improving business performance
from the inside out.

​Organizational Change Consulting

The primary goal of organizational change is to improve business performance; however the basis for an organization’s change must begin with the individuals within it. Most people are resistant to any change imposed from the outside, e.g. restructuring work routines, changing compensation systems, implementing new evaluation processes, mergers or acquisitions. This resistance can stop any real change or growth for the organization. The approach designed by The Pacific Institute - US Operations is based on the scientifically proven premise that individuals will readily adapt to change if they see value in the change and they are personally involved in helping create the change. Our educational tools help them understand and implement this process on a personal basis, and then prepare them to implement change on an organizational basis. For leaders this includes feedback on how they impact those that report to them in bringing about change. Our Vision, Values Alignment and Cultural Consensus Building processes engage people in the process of building a culture for the organization, which unleashes the potential of the people. When the organization creates an environment or culture which engages the people within it, the velocity of change accelerates and performance improves.

Measurement Tools and Processes

People and organizations must have feedback systems that allow them to see their successes in the process of change. Therefore, TPI-US Operations works with each organization to build measurements and appropriate modifications in the systems and processes which support the culture.The tools and processes used by The Pacific Institute - US Operations create and sustain a culture in which impassioned individuals share a vision of an organization with unlimited potential.

Our process is individually focused but universally applicable.

Focus on People & Culture

We believe people have an unlimited capacity for growth and change. We specialize in helping clients learn how their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors can support or inhibit positive outcomes in their careers and everyday lives. We also provide insights into how culture impacts the performance of organizations and their members.

Each program is grounded in proven cognitive science principles.

Scientifically-Based Principles

Informed by the universal principles of cognitive science, we’ve created educational programs that enable organizations and individuals to set and achieve their goals. With the skills and knowledge to cultivate self-confidence, creativity, accountability, and teamwork, our clients are equipped to navigate complexity, ambiguity, and other challenges.

We deliver measurable and sustained results.

Extensive & Diverse Experience

Over the past four decades our work has driven significant transformation, guiding Fortune 1000 companies down a path toward better productivity, leading Olympic athletes to victory, facilitating the transition from college to career in universities across America, dramatically lowering re-incarceration rates in California Department of Corrections, fostering peaceful discussions in Northern Ireland; and empowering the education sector of Guatemala.

We have exceptional global success.

Global Presence

With offices around the globe, we’re able to offer flexibility, efficiency, and a deep cultural understanding. And because our programs begin with a focus on the individual, they’re relevant across all sectors and socioeconomic groups.

We have exceptional global success.

Driven by Results

Our solutions are highly customizable based on our clients’ unique needs, and are built to produce short and long-term results. We define measurable objectives as part of every engagement and provide tools that enable our clients to sustain success over time.

Who We Work With

Diagnostics and Assessments

Leaders & Other Individuals

Our programs and processes enable chief executives, public leaders, professional athletes, veterans, job seekers, parents, youth, and other individuals to thrive by changing their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors and elevating aspiration, motivation, and efficacy. First, we leverage a robust set of metrics to explore and assess opportunities. We then develop strategies to support effective thought processes. Finally, we provide coaching to guide our clients toward positive, sustainable outcomes. These results are effective in the short term and sustainable.

Facilitated Interactive Sessions

Organizations & Teams

We work with organizations and teams in various sectors, including business, government, health, education, athletics, community regeneration, and criminal justice to drive performance improvement. We leverage powerful metrics and processes to diagnose culture, evaluating both the current reality and vision for the future. This research and analysis inspires a compelling agenda for change, redirecting toward constructive and achievement-oriented cultures that are set up to succeed.

Our solutions are effective at four levels within the organizations.

Train the Trainer

Personal Effectiveness

  • Builds positive attitudes, habits and expectations
  • Develops effective thinking skills and aspirations
  • Equips participants with tools to make sustainable change
  • Generates motivation, efficacy and optimism
Train the Trainer

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Measures leadership behavior
  • Determines strategies for constructive leadership
  • Incorporates an evidence-based approach to benchmark the leaders’ impact on culture
  • Provides leadership coaching
Train the Trainer

Team Effectiveness

  • Powerful metrics and processes diagnose the current reality and the vision of team’s culture
  • Provides a focused process for change towards a constructive, achievement-orientated culture
  • Leads to achieving measurable results
Train the Trainer

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Powerful metrics and processes diagnose the current reality and the vision of an organization’s culture
  • Supplies a focused process for change towards a constructive, achievement-orientated culture
  • Leads to achieving measurable results